E-COURSE – How to Engage Youth to Discover Their Dream Career and Adapt

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How to Engage Youth to Discover Their Dream Career and Adapt: Autism Spectrum and Persons with Social and Emotional Challenges

The Content of This e-course.

In this e-course the educator will receive an e-book course workbook full of tools and unique resources to help students get ready for a job or a career in two distinctive ways.

First, the fun and engaging resources will guide the student through an exploration of their strengths, interests, and capabilities, and equally important, to see strengths they may have not known they had, and to see work possibilities they may have never considered.

How Does this E-Course Content Meet the Student’s Career as Well as Emotional and Social needs?

Secondly, these tools can be a strong support to the educator to guide youth to develop a healthy self-image. Two of the highest predictors for student successful school transition to employment or college is having the ‘belief’ in one’s strengths and capabilities and having a healthy ‘self-image’. When youth have a healthy ‘self-image’, they are more likely to negotiate obstacles well and show effectiveness at college or in the workplace. However, when youth have a low self-image, they may fear new opportunities or end up failing to find and keep employment. Failure doesn’t just happen. A student’s failure may be the result of limited experiences or having a low self-image. The truth is no student is inept. ‘Belief’ in oneself and a ‘healthy self-image’ combined has implications to the student’s ability to adapt emotionally and socially. These tools have helped all students, those who were college-bound to those who struggled socially and emotionally and were on the Autism Spectrum and wanted employment, and young persons who wanted to pursue have a hobby.

How Does This E-Course Meet the Changing Needs of Students Since CONVID-19?

I first prepared this course and published it in 2018 prior to COVID-19. At that time, we were in a national employment crisis. All youth including those who were neurodiverse, had an Autism Spectrum, or persons with social emotional challenges were significantly unemployed. Indeed, they were struggling to adapt and transition into a job or college. As of now, April 2021, the isolation of COVID-19 has brought another setback and in some cases harm to youth. They are in a place of deep need for understanding, supports, guidance, and mentoring. This e-course seeks to help educators open up possibilities for youth through the present and into their next phase of life all with a healthier self-image.

Lastly, the content of this course represents 3 decades of my lived experiences:

*professionally in special education and vocational education with autistic students,

*15 years of my qualitative research, and

*30 + years supporting my autistic son and helping him build the life he has, employment and a life of being a working abstract artist.

What’s Inside Workbook

  • 7 Mini-Modules of videos about 3 hours total viewing time. Each lesson inside is a stand-alone video.

  • 6 downloadable Templates

  • 4 Downloadable Qualitative Evaluation Tools (Student self-assessments). Each with an Answer Key.

*Careers, Careers, and More Careers;

*Careers & Self-expression-w/Talents and Interests Assessment

*Careers: How To Make Work – Work For You

*Marquette Self-Awareness Assessment© (MSAA). (Includes two forms: a Student Form and a Professional/Caregiver Form)

2 Downloadable Planning Tools—

        The Golden Wheel©,

        The Predictability and Engagement Timeline©

1 Infographic for planning supports for employment for the student who relies on a greater need for support.

2-Downloadable student guided career exploration worksheets.

1-Downloadable Student Certificate for Completing this Career Readiness Program

1-Downloadable Student Poster: You are a Unique and Valuable Person

1-Downloadable Student Signed Agreement to enter career exploration (to be signed by student and encourage h-her intention to explore and learn in a Career Readiness Program.

1-Downloadable Career Readiness Program Completion: A Student Checklist

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Module I: How to start a student in a Career Readiness Program

To begin: Present to the student the most important question h-she must ask.

What are students’ career readiness needs?

Template: Ability vs. Capability

Quiz Question I

Quiz Question 2

Module II: How to Engage Students to Discover their Strengths and Get Excited about Career Possibilities

Introducing the 4 Downloadable Qualitative Evaluation Tools that is equal to the my online Marquette Strengths and Career Index (SCI) :

Template: Promoting student experiences from a deeper learning frame-work.

Template: 5 top Predictors to Student Transition Success

How to Identify Support Needs Before Student begins any of the 4

Downloadable Qualitative Evaluation Tools

How to use these tools to support all student with a greater need for supports.

Quiz Question 3

Quiz Question 4

Module III: How to Assess Self-awareness with the Student who has a Greater Need for Supports

Assessment Tool: Introducing a student engaged tool- The Marquette Self- Awareness Assessment (MSAA)-

Quiz Question: 5

Module IV: How two young adults faced obstacles and experienced self-satisfaction in a job and career.

Sarah’s findings from the Qualitative Evaluation Tools (from ‘What’s Inside) and/or the online Strengths and Career Index. Visuals

Tim’s findings from the Qualitative Evaluation Tools (from ‘What’s Inside) and/or the online Strengths and Career Index. Visuals

Activities: Vision Board, Make a Graph, Write an Essay

Quiz Question 6:

Mini Module V: How to Guide a Student to Use Empowering Tools to Manage Challenging Situations.

Template: Don’t guess on the kind of supports the student needs: Use The Golden Wheel, to pinpoint settings, tools, structure and people that may link to a job/career possibility.

Tool: Don’t allow doubt or fear to hold the student back: Use The Predictability and Engagement Timeline, a tool to create tools and supports to promote emotional adaptation to a specific event/task.

Quiz – 2 questions

Module VI: How John Moved through Entire Process: Career Readiness to On-the-Job Success

John’s Experience: Part I

John’s Experience: Part II

Quiz Question 9

Quiz Question 10

Module VII: How to get Students Engaged in their Very Own Personalized Career Exploration

Read Example of Anna Marie

Student WorkSheet Activity: Explore a Career


Career Exploration Student Agreement (give to student at the beginning of a Career Readiness Program

Student Poster: You Are A Unique and Valuable Person

Student Checklist: Completion of the S.A.F.E.T.Y. Works Career Readiness Program. This checklist engages the student to track where they are, what they did as steps to prepare for a career.

Quiz Question: 11

Quiz Question: 12

Terms of Use


Use the tools and assessments in this Course Workbook for your own personal or classroom use. This includes that you can print copies for yourself, or print for your assigned students/clients.

You may share online with your own students and their families on

a protected private platform and is not searchable or available to

anyone else outside of your school or agency.

*When teachers/professionals want this course, refer them to Youth Opportunity Academy for discounts

What’s Not OKAY

*Share with others the Google Links tied to the Student Educational Resources that are presented in this Course Workbook. These links are paid resources that I offer to you only as part of this Course and your purchase of this course.

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Thank you for respecting these boundaries

Please email me at if you have any questions. Hope you are well and taking care of yourself and your family. -Jackie

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