Integrative Career Services for Students or Adults: 

ADHD, ASD, Asperger’s or Disability

These services are designed to meet your Job/Career Goals: During School or In Post High School Transition

1) The Dream Career Academy Mentorship Program (D-CAMP).

2) Take the Marquette Strengths and Career Index MSCI©, A career tool to receive your comprehensive Vocational/Career Employment Profile $28.95

Read an example of a student named Sarah. Her findings from the MSCI©

A Profile of Sarah — Strengths and Career Findings

3. Receive the Power Practice Workbook

A Workbook, Power Practices on Amazon. Power Practice Modules© for career exploration to choose a career direction, and access to tools for self advocacy and straightforward adaptation.

4. Invited Members Only  Free

5. Membership to receive private individualized guidance/coaching. $1.60 per minute.

6. Intense and In-depth Consultation  $650.00

7. Professional Consulting— Contact

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anations of each service.



1. The Dream Career Academy Mentorship Program (D-CAMP).

For on-going support with interaction –Watch Face Book live videos on my Facebook Page at this link:  Topics surround the discussion of EMPLOYMENT on behalf of individuals with Asperger’s, ASD, and diverse challenges.

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2) Take the Marquette Strengths and Career Index MSCI© A Career tool $28.95 

The student will discover their AIS-EP (Employment Profile). AIS-EP merges Abilities, Interests, including Self emotional awareness. The AIS-EP will deliver best insight about Abilities, Interests/strengths and Self Awareness that can lead to creating satisfying work and emotional adaptation. This unique combination of all areas in AIS-EP with the emphasis on self emotional awareness to my knowledge is not found in any other career assessment.


Engages the student, to read items and select their strengths in these areas: academics/cognitive skills, self expression (Multiple Intelligences), personal preferences, and self awareness. Students generally show interest and curiosity to discover their best strengths.

Inquires about the heart and joy of a student’s interests and uniqueness.

Examines strengths in self emotional awareness:

personal capability: self regulation, trust worthiness, self confidence, conscientious, initiative, motivation, adaptability.

social capability: empathy, influence, political group awareness, communication, team capabilities, building bonds, service orientation, and collaboration/cooperation.

When the employer understands all the candidate’s strengths, including preferences and self emotional awareness, success is likely as well as the employee’s satisfaction at work.

Provides computer printout sheets of the individual/student’s findings of vocational/career options that match the student’s strengths. This can be empowering to the individual because he or she sees numerous options to choose a career direction.



To purchase: From home page, click on ‘Take the Marquette Strengths Index for Careers

Scroll down and click ‘Purchase membership’

Select ‘Membership for accessing the assessment index’

Send payment of $28.95

3. Receive the Workbook, Power Practices© on Amazon  for career exploration to choose a career direction, and access to tools for self advocacy and straightforward adaptation.

The student will receive the benefits indicated in Service #2.

What the student and advocate can expect with Power Practices Modules©

These modules are designed to walk each student through the career exploration process of seeking a job/career work that matches their AIS- EP (Abilities, Interests, and Self Awareness – Employment Profile).

Power Practices Modules© are also designed to deliver outcomes of work readiness, choice-making, self advocacy including emotional adaptation for on the job effectiveness. The student will learn how to reduce anxiety and create more ease in life. Power Practices Modules© are all about helping students to see ways to move through daily hassles and adversity for safety and to create favorable outcomes.


With Service #2 or #3: Receive your Comprehensive AIS Vocational/Career Employment Profile

Discover your AIS-EP (Employment Profile).

Who can benefit?

Ask yourself these questions.

Are you not clear about the kind of job or career that is right for you?

Are you unsure about the strengths you have that can make you a sought-after employee?

Do you have a unique interest or ability, but you are

not sure about the right course of study to pursue or

career to enter?

Do you have many strengths, yet you have challenges,

because of a disability such as autism, or other health


Do you feel stuck unable to get moving in your life?

If you answered ‘yes’ to 2 or more, the MSCI© can provide insight about your strengths and interests.



4. Invited Members Only  FREE  This service is offered to educators who would like to see the MSCI, contact me if you are interested.

5. Membership to receive private individualized guidance/coaching. Once purchased you will receive an email by me to schedule a time to talk or to confirm your preferred way to communicate: Phone, Face Time, Skype, text, email, face-to-face, etc.  Purchase this service here.

$1.60 per minute.

The solutions to your problems are important to me. With my professional and personal experiences for nearly 3 decades in special education, transition, and job/careers, you will benefit from tried and true ideas that helped hundreds of individuals and helped my son. To the heart of it all, I have a 40 year son with autism and we have walked out many difficult situations that I had to search for solutions. I love sharing ideas.


6. Intense and In-depth Consultation  $650.00

I will meet with you to listen to your hopes and dreams as well as interests, abilities and challenges.

I will review all personal employment desires, AIS-EP and career findings (from findings on the MSCI©).

I will answer your questions and concerns while the student pursues Power Practices© to discover and explore careers independently or with guidance. My purpose is to keep you on track, motivated, and offer next steps through challenges.

I will make suggestions for service options available too.

7. Professional Consulting Contact Jackie

502 417-6063

Special Educators and other professionals, i.e. employment specialists can feel a sense of relief providing students tools to discover their strengths and job and career options that match their strengths. Students get engaged when they see all the possibilities of jobs/careers that are tied directly to their best strengths.

The Marquette Strengths and Career Index© (MSCI©), an online tool allows students to identify their strengths from 177 items (educators and parents can assist in this process). These tools help identify strengths across four broad areas and in following are a guide to attaining employment/college.

The Power Practice modules (PPM) the engages student through a process of career exploration. The (PPM) also promotes self emotional awareness development which can promote safe exposure to people they work with on the job and meet in the community.

MSCI is rooted in research: assessment validation + 13 years of qualitative research based on hundreds of case studies working with young people transitioning to work and community.

We offer Licensing of tools and training.

-Licensing to use the MSCI© to use with your students/clients.

-Licensing to use the CAIS© to use with students who are have a greater need for supports for a job or career.

The S.A.F.E.T.Y. WORKS COURSE Workshop– Using the tools.

Who is licensing for? 

Career Institutes, School Districts, Community Colleges to offer students and clients with ASD and and diverse challenges the S.A.F.E.T.Y WORKS© Model. To inquire about how these services can benefit transition to careers for your students or clients, call me at 502 417-6063 or email: