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  1. School Districts and Agencies

Southwest Center (Agency) Executive Director Dana Slucher

2. University Graduate Students Who are Special Education Teachers

3. Special Education Teachers and Administrators

4. Program Director of Key Assets, The Children’s Services Provider in KY

5. A Licensed psychologist and a certified school psychologist in Pennsylvania

6. Nursing Student

7. Parents with son or daughter with ASD

8. Individuals with ASD/Other Health Impaired 

9. Following Reviews on the Capability Approach Model©, using the Capability and Independence Scale©


  1. Dana Slucher

    Executive Director at Southwest Center for the Developmentally Disabled

    March 19, 2018, Dana was a client of Jackie’s

    Dr. Marquette has been an excellent resource for our Employment Specialists at the Southwest Center. We are currently beginning to use the “Marquette Strengths and Career Index” for our participants receiving Supported Employment services and are very pleased with the ease of usage and the information obtained from the assessment. We look forward to using this information to help our participants find the job of their dreams in our community. In addition, Dr. Marquette completed an 8 hour workshop for our Employment Specialists to ensure they understood how to utilize the tool to meet the needs of our participants. We highly recommend the the tools she has developed and her expertise as we all work for find employment in the community for the people we support!

    2.  University Graduate Students Who are Special Education Teachers

“First, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to utilize your index for our graduate class.  It was very educational and informative and I am very appreciative.”

Special education teacher


“I believe your assessment would be great to administer to Sophomores in high school in order to guide them to a career they may enjoy and help them focus on choosing a major and then a college.  What a wonderful tool and I hope my son seriously considers the results of his career index when choosing a major in college and then his career. Thank you for your time and letting our class take your career index.”



Special Education Middle School Mathematic teacher.

“I am a graduate student and special education teacher. I wanted to thank you for sharing the index with us., It was a great experience for me and the student that took it. She really enjoyed getting the results since she is trying to decide if she wants to go to a specialized arts high school next year.”

The student is a 14 year old female.


Special education teacher,

Elizabeth G.

“I chose a special education student to take your assessment. I found the findings to be ‘spot on’  Thank you for allowing our class to take your career assessment.”

Special education teacher


3. Special Education Teachers and Administrators

“I highly recommend Marquette Strength Index Career Assessment tool. It is modern and informal in the sense that it does not lead to a test score but provides insuperable data that is utilized for career decisions based on personal interest inventory.

Dr. Marquette has developed this tool as a means for parents and teachers to eliminate the guess work that revolves around determining strengths that one possess in a specific area that could lead to a successful and happy career.”

Patricia McCreary

IND Teacher/Specialist


“What I like about this [the Marquette Strengths and Career Index, MSCI] is that it does career exploration and makes suggestions for each level of educational abilities. It is similar to the tool used by all middle and high schoolers in the state of Kentucky Individual Learning Plan or ILP. This [MSCI] is better because it is easier to navigate, and interpret. Young adults will find the graphics and user-friendly interface appealing.

It [MSCI] does a really good job of exploring interests that are non-paid hobbies or very satisfying pursuits. It [MSCI] gives examples of how one may find more information about them. Most of us have interests that will never become a paying job but we can gain great enjoyment from and they can become important parts of our lives. That part of our lives is so important in connecting with our world and ourselves.

I like the fact that you [Dr. Jackie Marquette] consulted with families and individuals in its development and made it a strength based assessment rather than needs based.

This [MSCI] is a post-secondary assessment that a young person can relate to. This speaks to young adults and meets them where they are. I think a young adult who is trying to find his/her niche in the world could definitely receive valuable guidance with this tool.”

Pam Harlow

NBCT Exceptional Needs Specialist 

Transition teacher, Nelson County Schools

4. Program Director of Key Assets, The Children’s Services Provider

“Overall I see it as a useful tool and I saw the need for the consumer to have assistance in fully understanding the question and its intent.

1.       Language: I think it would be a great tool for a team of people who know the person well to work through together to get the most accurate answers – although the individual, once they were clear on the intent should have final say on answer.  There were a fair number of questions that I felt some help may have been needed.

2.       Length of section – A- C seemed just about right in the number of questions to answer. D was difficult for me but I was multitasking at the time. But even if I was by myself and not distracted it seem like a lot of questions in one section – some consumers may get frustrated

3.       I liked how possible career/job selections were generated which could be very validating for most to find their interest in the list and others may be surprised to find its not there

4.       I think the questions were asked in a way that the process is about the person and not about the job

5.       I think the generated options would also help the team be more creative and think outside of the box

6.       I had a bit of trouble getting started because the questions appeared below the screen – maybe add a popup or comment that says “scroll down” (I thought I was doing something wrong)

7.       It would seem more intuitive (to me) if on the right the survey was one item and then sections A – D and the report dropped down. (but that’s just how my brain works).”

Marilyn B. Program Director of Key Assets, The Children’s Services Provider in Ky.

5. A Licensed psychologist and a certified school psychologist in Pennsylvania

“Thanks so much for sharing this tool with me….. The depth and breadth of the assessment you created is impressive and should be helpful to anyone who is in need of some external guidance as to career planning.  Certainly, it should be required for use in “transition planning” for children between 16 and 18 as they prepare to leave the school world for the world of work.”

Steve Kossor

Steve Kossor is the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Behavior Change. He is a licensed psychologist and a certified school psychologist in Pennsylvania with over 30 years of experience. He has been recognized by the US Congress, both houses of the Pennsylvania legislature, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and by the President’s New Freedom Commission on the Mental Health for his visionary leadership in the creation of a successful community-based treatment model for children with serious mental illness symptoms.

6. Nursing Student

“Yes the options did match my interests! I thought they were very on point and even gave me some options I had not considered before but agreed with. Thanks for letting me take it!”

A nursing student

K. Klosterman

7. Parents with son or daughter with ASD

7. Parents with son or daughter with ASD

Strengths and Career Index Review by Susan Reed, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

The Marquette Strengths and Career Index (MSCI), from Marquette Index, LLC, is an online tool to help students discover their unique talents and abilities. High school students and young adults can take the MSCI independently or with assistance to jump start career exploration. The MSCI engages the student, to read items and select their strengths in four areas: hard skill strengths, self-expression strengths, personal preference strengths, and emotional strengths. The MSCI hard strengths section questions the student’s interests with cognitive skills necessary for specific jobs and careers. The MSCI self-expression strengths section questions the student’s interest in music, art, and math that can lead to careers and self-employment options. The MSCI personal preference strengths section questions the student’s motivation, participation, and performance in being able to acquire work or to maintain a job or career. The MSCI emotional strengths section questions the student’s response in settings to learn and work. After the student submits their response, the MSCI offers an immediate personalized printout of the student’s career options that match the student’s strengths. This can be empowering to the student because they see numerous options to choose a career direction. You will need the MSCI printout for the Power Practices workbook.

The Power Practices workbook follows the MarquetteStrengths and Career Index. With 30 years of teaching students with learning disabilities and her personal experience in guiding her autistic son, Jackie Marquette guides students to see and feel the value of their own strength. The workbook is written to assist all students; but especially students and young adults with ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other health impairments. Each activity was written based upon an actual person she assisted through work or as their mentor. The activities are designed to walk the student through participation in career exploration, job tryouts, and job shadowing. The activities increase student’s work readiness, choice, self-advocacy, including emotional adaptation for highest effectiveness on the job. The Power Practices workbook walks the student through career exploration.

Two of my girls have completed the MSCI. My 16-year-old already knew her strengths so this tool only confirmed what she needed to pursue, a career in dance. My 15-year-old had many interests and could not seem to pin point her career path; but after taking the MSCI, she is exploring careers in graphic design and sports. If you have a high school student that needs more guidance in career exploration, I highly recommend the MSCI! The Marquette Strengths and Careers Index with the work through the Power Practices can prepare the student for employment and be valuable to employers hiring the student for the purposes of knowing candidate’s varied strengths.

Review by Susan Reed

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine


“The MSCI is a vehicle that lets my son find his real joys and abilities that God gave him. This can lead my son to find an enjoyable career choice.”

LM, a step dad of an adult son with autism

I really liked the Power Practice Activities. I home school my son. After he took the career assessment, he was led through these interactive activities for career exploration on the jobs that were on his printout sheets.
Parent of 17 old son with autism.

I was amazed at all the strengths my son has and all the options for a job and career.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Parent of 19 year old son with autism.

“Your index suggested that my son pursue many career options which included occupational therapist, plumbing and vet tech.  I was amazed because these are the exact jobs that I know that my son would be excellent in doing.  I found your index was very interesting and my son, age 14 years 11 months, enjoyed taking the assessment. Thank you for allowing my son to take your assessment.  It was very interesting.”


K. M.

“I have two 25 year old sons who are twins and both have autism.

I realized through taking the assessment that I am going to look more in depth at self employment for both of my guys. Not only will this give them a sense of self worth but teach valuable job skills for future public employment.

Nicholas likes to be active and on the go. I plan to research how to create a vending machine business or a document shredding business.

However, Lucas enjoys a routine, quiet settings, and structured type activities. I can see him possibly cleaning offices after hours. Or I could help them start a small business where they could sell Autism Awareness/Disability Awareness products. This would also promote self-advocacy.

The assessment gave me ideas to create volunteer opportunities also. I think volunteer work is very important. The boys enjoy thrift stores, so we can look for gently used stuffed animals to donate to homeless shelters, the soup kitchen, housing authority, or even the police station. It may help Nick and Luke demonstrate their character and commitment to the welfare of their community. It also shows that they like to be around people and to help others.

It [MSCI] really got me thinking about issues they need to work on!

Definitely, I want to work on empathy, especially for Lucas. I noticed that their emotional areas need to be increased, like saying hello/goodbye without prompting, holding door for others, helping others in small ways. My guys can do all these things, but rely on prompts.

I really liked the strengths and career assessment.”

Donna L.

Parent of adult twin sons with autism

The Preferences and Emotional Section was so helpful. The information will make a big difference in supporting my daughter in a job she will like.
Mother of 23 year old daughter with ASD

8. Individuals with ASD/Other Health Impaired

“Helping people to find the right career is really important. Finding a
career that used my abilities in visual thinking and art helped me to be successful.  The most successful career uses a person’s strengths.”

~Temple Grandin

“Before meeting Mrs. Marquette I was unaware that any kind of aptitude or strength test like this existed. As a young person who suffers from anxiety and depression I have often wondered what the world had in store for me and if I could find a career that I could enjoy despite my social anxiety. No one ever told me that I had any kind of social anxiety issues, I had to figure that out on my own. Outside of therapy for depression I had little experience with the clinical and the academic world surrounding mental health issues.

Upon meeting Mrs. Marquette and getting to know more about her findings, and teachings, I learned that she wanted to offer individuals struggling with an array of mental health issues, a way to asses themselves and find strength in their skills. I was a bit hesitant to take this test at first, if only because every other test like this usually came with a ‘diagnosis’ and socially negative connotations.

I found it so comforting that in many ways she was stepping back from clinical models of dealing with mental heath. Life is messy, every single person is different, and with the Marquette Strength Index any individual can take this assessment and come out a better person with a stronger handle on what they excel in and how these skills can lead to meaningful fulfilling careers.”

H. B.

23 year old College Graduate

Amy Leigh McCorkle‎ to Marquette Strength Index for Careers with Dr. Jacque

March 6 at 1:04pm · Mount Washington, KY, United States ·

“The Marquette Strengths Index is an invaluable tool to point one in the right direction of possible career choices. It shows your various strengths and skills. This is essential in exploring career options as it will show where one can thrive and live and go beyond the simple act of surviving day by day.”

Amy M.

Award Winning and Bestselling Author, Blogger, Screenwriter and Filmmaker Amy McCorkle

“An AS person can be steered into an appropriate career choice considering the personal strengths that can be applied and the deficiencies that must be counter-measured.

What can never be controlled beyond the point of hiring is what kind of entourage does the employer have. Are the staff and management versed in disabilities and does the employer uphold an anti-bullying stance, or is the employer a relic of some bygone era? Sad but true, hate and intolerance still reign supreme in more workplaces than I care to admit.

Besides finding the ideal career choice I would advocate any and every Aspie to explore and possibly develop an entrepreneurial side if not already there.

Get on it [MSCI] while you’re still in school and/or still young. It is an important survival tool in the kind of environment we all know so well.”

Good luck all and God Bless

James C.


“Thank you for your response.  I am pleased to inform you that I have completed the MSCI and have attached my results for your review.
It took me approximately 20 minutes to complete the questions in all four sections which did not seem too short nor too long to me.  I thought that the questions were appropriate for my life experiences and covered a wide range of situations that I could relate to on both a personal and professional level.  I had an idea of what my strengths were going into the questionnaires whether they be physical, emotional, intellectual, etc.  After viewing my results, which were very comprehensive, I had information that I could benefit from and refer to in the future.
I’m glad I took this assessment and the results are beneficial to me.  It’s a powerful reminder that I do have strength and skills in many areas.”
Autism Presenter, Self-Advocate & Consultant

Donna Littrell, parent of two adult twin sons with autism (audio only).



College Student who has Autism (wants to remain anonymous). This is an audio only.


9. Following Reviews on the Capability Approach Model, using the
Capability and Independence Scale©

“Dr. Jacquelyn Marquette addresses both the strengths and the social deficiencies of people with Aspergers. I like that. These strengths can be developed into winning attributes. Teens and young adults in our community are fortunate that she will be working here.”
Peter Tanguay, M.D.”
Interim Director of the University of Louisville Autism Center at Kosair Charities

Jackie provides the blueprint for parents and professionals to move away from a deficit orientation to a celebration of the abilities and strengths of persons with autism and related disabilities. Barry Prizant, PhD., CCC-SLP, Brown University; co-author of the SCERTS Model (Social Communication)

“Jackie Marquette’s Capability Approach Evaluation has been an invaluable tool in assessing some of my consumers’ strengths and capabilities, particularly those on the autism spectrum. The assessment helps all interested parties in the vocational rehabilitation process (consumers, parents/guardians, VR counselors, and other support people) understand the consumer’s independent level of functioning vs. what they are capable of achieving with all the necessary supports.”
Kelli Marin, M.Ed., MRC, CRC
KY Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

“I’m very thankful for your work with our consumers. I think your assessment will really impact  ‘my consumer’s future in a big way.”
(VR Counselor, Louisville, KY) 2013

“This report is excellent! It will be very helpful for myself, the family, and job coach as my consumer transitions into the workforce and “real world”.
(VR Counselor, Louisville, KY) 2012
Watch a short video clip of one mom’s experience with the Capability Approach System
Parent of 18 year old son with ASD

“My name is Melanie Tyner Wilson and I am the parent of a young man with autism as well as a recent client of Dr. Marquette.
Dr. Marquette administered the CAIS assessment on my son and I found it to be one of the most comprehensive tools for future planning that I have come in contact with. Previously other assessments were not good matches for my son’s needs and I felt the information was either invalid or not helpful.”
Melanie Tyner Wilson, parent of a young man with autism.

“The CAIS provides an opportunity to individualize a person’s strengths, abilities and needs. Transition to adulthood in a young person’s life requires a critical look at where they have come from and where they want to go while incorporating strengths and needs. A young person with a disability requires the same process. The CAIS recognizes current ability while acknowledging needs.”
“I highly recommend this assessment to help consumers and families determine “next steps” in the transition journey.”
Parent of 17 year old son with autism

“I realize this has been in the back of my mind for at least the past 18 months or so. I knew what the vision was, I just didn’t have a clue about pulling it all together. This is like a roadmap designed just for my son.”
Parent of 17 year old son with autism.

“I think the BCS will enable my son, but the key factor is finding the supports and getting them into place. I think his vocational skills can be developed with the BCS.Without the supports, I don’t think he would ever be able to set and attain goals other than those he has a strong interest in.”
Parent of 28 year old son with Aspergers

“Goals suggested were accurate in that they are appropriate and realistic.
I have recommended this service to other counselors.
Comments of (Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor)

Jackie did a great job of assessing his strengths sand weaknesses and putting it together in a cohesive report.
Really appreciate the feedback on independent living… couldn’t agree more.”
Social Worker’s Comments (young adult receiving Capability Approach).

“I hope you are able to continue these assessments Without it, _______(name) would still be floundering about direction resources, or support. “
Teacher comments of 17 year old student with autism

“The student is dependent on people working with him to understand him. He will be more adaptable. Needing opportunities to experience the community is crucial. It is not occurring because they fear unpredictable behavior.
BCS are needed because he has a difficult time self-regulating.
He will require 24/7 support.
The staff is missing the big picture, this report will help them see.
Assessment will open many doors and shed light on what he needs.”
Parents of 21 year old son with autism

“I think the BCS will enable my son, but the key factor is finding the supports and getting them into place. I think his vocational skills can be developed with the BCS.
Without the supports, I don’t think he would ever be able to set and attain goals other than those he has a strong interest in.”
Parent of 26 year old young adults with Autism

“Jackie Marquette was an answer to our prayers. She understood what we were going through. She was able to put things into a positive light and help us make a plan to help our son through a very difficult situation. We are grateful for her help.  Our son is feeling much better about himself thanks to Jackie.”
Cavanah Family, parents of 24 year old son with autism.

“Once again, you are truly an inspiration to all warrior mom’s and dad’s under you…I thank you for paving the way for us!”
Kersten Roja
A parent of son with autism

“Jackie Marquette is an expert in teen and adult issues concerning people with autism. Her expertise has enabled many to effective options for their children living with ASD. I would recommend Jackie under any and all circumstances.
Jim Donnelly. 
Director, Autism Live.”
A parent of son with autism

“Your workshop gave me so much to think about for my son’s future.”
L. Phan, therapist, son with autism.