Hire Jackie to Speak

You can hire Jackie to speak at meetings, conferences, seminars, or training sessions and more! She calls herself, An Autism Interdependent Strategist. With her experiences as teacher, parent and researcher, she created tools to help minimize the stress of transition, highlight student career direction that match strengths, and self-advocacy tools to enable student to progress toward goals.

Dr. Jackie Marquette will customize a talk just for your audience with the purpose of producing outcomes you are seeking. She is an evocative storyteller at heart. Over the years, Jackie has presented numerous sessions to a room full of school personnel, parents, and keynote conferences. She uses the art of story telling that takes audience on a journey with a clear outcome. She can inspire people who work in career readiness programs, hire people with disabilities in the workplace, and counsel students in college going.

Contact: drjacke@marquettestrengthsindex.com or call 502 417-6063