Personal Letter To You

headMy name is Dr. Jacquelyn Marquette. I am the creator of the Marquette Strengths and Career Index (MSCI), educator, researcher, and parent of three adult sons. My middle son, Trent, has autism.

The MSCI is an experiential strengths and career model that I designed specifically for you. With the MSCI, you identify and select your best and most incredible strengths. Your strengths are the best you have to offer; and when you use them, you become more effective on a job or career. Additionally, your strengths can set you apart from others in a very positive and valuable way, attracting the attention of employers. No one is a better authority of your strengths than you. Just knowing your strengths is the first step to increasing your self awareness to use them.

To optimize your career options, I offer you an array of possibilities, jobs, or career ideas that closely align with your strengths. This is your very own printout with valuable information to help you start moving along your path. Most importantly, I hope your printout findings will encourage you to get curious, enthused, and energetic about exploring your work options.

When you become a member on my web site, you will receive FREE access to what I call
‘POWER PRACTICES’. My posts, blogs, videos, and trainings are available to guide you in developing your strengths, applying your strengths, exploring career interests, and moving through obstacles and adversity.

From all of my experiences professionally with my clients and even personally with my autistic son, it is easy for me to understand how overwhelming it can be to manage daily life: going to class, taking care of commitments and responsibilities, and self advocating for yourself. I truly believe that when you take part in POWER PRACTICES, they can help sustain and inspire you on your journey.

Benefits to You
The POWER PRACTICE strategies will offer you insight, for example, to avoid outcomes you don’t want, for example, getting fired from a job. You will receive ideas that will enable you to take simple steps to manage a job, college studies, or life’s adversity. Small efforts are powerful. Look at some of these POWER PRACTICE benefits:

1. Describing your strengths on a resume.
2. Interviewing for a job.
3. Navigating your work day tasks.
4. Maintaining your job, preventing a job loss.
5. Communicating with coworkers and manager.
6. Changing a troubled situation for the better.
7. Moving forward, closer to your goal.
8. Recognizing the people who are safe and those who are not.
9. Bringing safety to yourself,
10. Working with others on a team.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life. You might be in a good place, in a crisis that brings you to your knees, or just stuck not knowing what to do to get a job. Through POWER PRACTICES, I will teach you how to treat yourself kindly, appreciate and use your own strengths, and celebrate the contribution you can make in a career.

Each decision you make is significant. POWER PRACTICES can be a positive impact, as you participate on your own behalf.

I can’t promise you that you will reach each and every goal. But I do promise that you will feel better about yourself and make better situations happen for yourself with the MSCI and POWER PRACTICES.

I wish you much success and good luck on your journey. Your life is an art, get started and create it now!

 Dr. Jackie Marquette