The Capability and Independence Scale


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Subjects: Special Education, Life Skills, Quality of Life, and Career Readiness

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The CAIS is personalized to support youth through post school outcomes. It has been (1) developed from my dissertation research findings, and tested and used with 2) directly with high school special education students, (3) clients in Vocational Rehabilitation, and with (4) my own son who is an adult with autism.

As an educator, therapist, or parent you may have a young adult (s) who rely upon a greater need of supports in order to transition. While the person may be capable of doing tasks for a job, hobby, or volunteer work, the individualized supports could enable h-her capability and adaptation. This tool will help you, help the student and parents with planning, determining supports, and the intensity of supports.

Additionally, when applying the insights from this informal tool to the student’s goal, it can lead students to a higher level of participation and capability, regardless of where they are in their development or functionality. Lastly, this information is valuable to new unfamiliar support staff in community living or supported employment agencies who will be accepting the student as a client for the first time.


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