Workbook Companion to the Book: African Elephants


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Workbook Companion to the Book: African Elephants

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African Elephants-We are family: FUN ACTIVITIES, WORKSHEETS, SCIENCE, AND ART is an engaging 46 page workbook to the book African Elephants: We are Family. This workbook is appropriate for elementary ages. The activities can be easily adapted to students with special needs.
-vocabulary words
-word recognition
-reading comprehension
-a project to explore endangered animals
-activities to relate to children physical exercise
-reading poetry and writing a poem
-geography about the Savanna region of Africa with map of Africa to color
-a science observation experiment
-a nature walk – collecting objects
-an inspirational art project
Themes in this workbook include: elephant love and protection for their youngsters, empathy, herd problem solving, collaboration, and elephant endurance.
Table of Contents:
Fun Picture Name Game (working memory)
Fun Picture Word Game (word recognition)
Sky Color in July (word recognition)
Love Glows When Joy Flows (word recognition, working memory, story comprehension)
Joyful Baby Elephants (word recognition, working memory story comprehension)
Altogether, Elephants Help Youngsters in the Herd, I
The student will read on their own or listen to someone else ead. Themes are presented on protection, empathy, and collaboration.
Be Super Cool: Use this tool
The student will make application to collaboration in his or her life. Student will choose an activity to practice collaboration with another child or adult.
Be like an Elephant: What can you remember?
Student reading comprehension
Be like an Elephant: What can you remember?
Student reading comprehension
Help the Elephant Herd Explore New Words
Student will use thesaurus to look up vocabulary words and find synonyms and antonyms.
Fun Word Puzzle
Student will search for vocabulary words in a puzzle.
Write an African Safari Story
Using a guided checklist, the student will write an African Safari Story
Giant Animals – The Elephant Poem
by Sandra M. Haight
The student will read or listen to the poem read out loud.
The student will participate in a class discussion, on these questions.
What did you like about the poem and what would you like to learn more about?
Now it is your turn, write a poem
The Student will write a poem about one interesting fact they learned about the elephant.
Read Map of Africa (geographical regions)
The student will note the regions in Africa
Color the Regions in Africa (geography)
The student will color the different areas of Africa to reflect the different habitats.
The Anatomy of an Elephant (reading and comprehension questions)
The student will answer comprehension questions.
Altogether, Elephants Help Youngsters in the Herd, II (reading passage)
The student will note the different themes of love, protection, problem solving, collaboration, and endurance.
Take a Look at Your Endurance. Try This. Exercise Longer to Get Stronger
Student will apply the meaning of endurance to his or her own activity.
Exercise Longer to Get Stronger
The student will set a goal of endurance.
Explore Nature: Make Inspirational Art
The student will go on a nature walk or hike, explore nature, and find interesting objects in nature. The student will collect objects. The student will use a variety of objects and materials to create nature art.
Explore Nature: Sharpen your senses
The student will increase his or her awareness of nature settings.
Reflect on Your Senses: An experiment
The student will reflect upon his or her morning and evening notes and make comparisons and differences about the two settings.
Are Elephants Endangered?
Learn About Endangered Animals Where you Live
The student will research endangered animals in their area. The student will choose an endangered animal to learn about where it sleeps and how it gets its food.
FUN TIME: Connect the dots and color sheets:
The boy shows joy petting the elephant’s trunk.
The elephant and the dove love to hang out.
The elephant pokes jokes with little Sara Lee.
This pool is cool blue.
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