Career Readiness Starter Kit

Starter Kit includes:

The Strengths and Career Index +

 Power Practices Workbook: Explore Careers and Create Your Own Pathway

(meets common core standards in English Language Arts        


 What’s Inside the Strengths and Career Index?

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Get Students Their Personalized Employment Profile: Take the Strengths and Career Index.

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Endorsement [Book Review for Becoming Remarkably Able]

“Jackie Marquette Provides the guidance and the blueprint for helping professionals and parents move away from a deficit orientation to a celebration of abilities and strengths of persons with autism and related disabilities  By learning to energize the spirit of all persons, regardless of their challenges, we ultimately become more in touch with our humanity.”

Barry M. Prizant Ph.D. CCC. SLP, adjunct professor, Center for the Study for Human Development, Brown University; co-author of the SCERTS TM Model (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, and Transactional Support)


What’s Inside Student Workbook? 

Students will receive guided practice to: 

Explore their Career, Develop Self-awareness, and Self-Advocacy for on-the-job Success. 



Endorsement: [Book Review: Power Practices]

Dr. Marquette’s integration of mental health concerns, rigidities, social struggles and anxieties is both seamless and well though out and encourages  young students to see themselves more positively and to embrace all that they are and to see that they have important contributions to make in the world. I believe the Marquette Strengths Index and the Power Practices book should be introduced as part of school transition planning starting in early adolescence.”

Sheila Mansell, Ph.D. R. Psych