Do you have An ASD, Experience Low Emotions and Self Worth? 12 Viewpoints that Can Shift Your Perspective

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1. I am not flawed. I am a unique individual and my life is significant.

2. I choose not to give up on myself and I seek to discover my joy and pleasure for life.

3 I will not change who I am just to fit into a group. 

4. I am a good and pleasing person.

5. I choose to trust myself and learn ways to keep myself safe.

6. I choose to ask for help when I need it.

7. I am worthy of being appreciated for my personal characteristics and welcomed to various settings.

8. I choose to find a hobby, job, or career that matches my strengths and personal preferences.

9. I choose to be calm and wait for people to understand me.

10. When I am feeling low, I choose to seek one positive action to help myself.

11. I choose to accept myself for all of who I am, my capabilities, my challenges, and my unique characteristics. 

12. I choose to rely upon people who have my best interests in their heart. 

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