Autism, Transition, Rebuilding Life: Do you relate with me?

Trent and meIt seems that I can’t keep up with my work. I have been away from my writing/work for the past 10 days. My focus has been in all the details and tasks of finally bringing together all the new parts of Trent’s new life. The past 6 months hasn’t been easy living in the uncertainty. Change doesn’t work well for Trent, even though his safety net and comfort is with us. He has adapted and enjoyed living in his own house now for 16 years.

Figuring out a temporary game plan was the only thing I knew to do until we could find the supports again for Trent. We were fortunate that this transition only took 6 months. This is Trent’s third transition in 16 years, and the best teacher is ‘experience’.

I am gratefully counting my blessings, because Trent has so many good people surrounding him right now, the best he has had in a long time. Yet the process is emotionally exhausting on me. Do any of you relate to me?


Dr. Jackie Marquette

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