Focus On Greater Need For Supports (GNS): Autism Spectrum (AS)

I want to shine a light on persons on the Autism Spectrum (AS) who rely upon a greater need for supports. Many of these individuals have strengths and talents, yet they are often ignored and turned away from resources such as integrated employment services. Often they are viewed as their challenges are too great for the workplace or college going. The outcome for them results in unemployment. So why are we not surprised with the low quality of life outcomes this group and their families endure. People with Autism Spectrum outcomes on well-being are quite disturbing in the disability research. Some include: personal determination to pursue interests, vocational opportunities, and community connections for community membership. Here is an article I wrote about how my son relies on a greater need for supports in order to make his art. It was published on The Art of Autism.

Trent Altman at SWEET ART GALLERY. De De Sweet has represented him for 8 years now.

I wish you much joy and happiness on your journey to teach and support youth with Autism Spectrum.

With love,


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Connecting Youth to their Strengths, Careers, and Adaptation

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It is my hope to empower youth to explore their strengths, abilities and interests, and to find the courage to go after what they want. When youth have opportunities and experiences to understand the connection between their emotions, the energy tied to emotions, and the value of the strengths/weaknesses, they are better prepared to move through obstacles safely, to direct their life with adaptation, and to follow their dreams.

Dr. Jackie has written five books and numerous student resources, i.e., digital and google applications to offer to educators and parents to help students grow and adapt. She invites students to learn how to use tools to discover their abilities, interests, need for supports, emotional awareness, and self-advocacy, all to experience easier adaptation to the workplace and enjoy daily living.

Dr. Marquette’s lived experiences have spanned over three decades as a special educator teacher, school transition administrator, author, qualitative researcher, conference speaker, an adjunct professor at Bellarmine University and an art business manager for her son. Most intimately she believes her lived experiences with her autistic son has given her the deepest insight and greatest learning.

Connecting Youth to their Strengths, Careers, and Adaptation