School Staff Have a Tough Task Ahead This Fall: Autism Spectrum in Career Transition

Youth will be coming back to school with a sense of a loss of security and safety due to the pandemic 2020-21. Many have missed significant life events within their family. Tragically for some, have had a family member die from COVID and are in a state of grief. Students with learning and social challenges are likely to be struggling academically and emotionally because of being isolated for so long. Discover ways to prepare youth for school transition to careers

Restore Your Faith in Humanity: How One Community Assisted An Autistic Man

Human dignity and the universality of human rights is good for the entire world. Human dignity is the belief that all people hold a special value that’s tied solely to their humanity. I promise this story will touch your heart or restore your faith in humanity. I will always fondly remember that afternoon.  About four years ago Read More

[Youth Mentoring] Use E M B R A C E to Help Student Clarity: Choosing Work/Careers

As students leave school seeking education or looking for work, it’s important for all youth especially youth with Autism Spectrum to develop a clear understanding of their feelings and motivations in order to embrace who they are as a person. I describe the EMBRACE Model and offer seven self-reflective questions for youth to consider.

Six Ways to Improve School Transition: Students with Autism Spectrum

Do you work with students in school transition and worry about how they will get or keep a job after high school? I will first reveal why so many don’t make school transitions to a job, then offer approaches to improve the situation for youth. Problem RevealedAccording to data in KY reported in an article high Read More

Focus On Greater Need For Supports (GNS): Autism Spectrum (AS)

I want to shine a light on persons on the Autism Spectrum (AS) who rely upon a greater need for supports. Many of these individuals have strengths and talents, yet they are often ignored and turned away from resources such as integrated employment services. Often they are viewed as their challenges are too great for Read More