When I struggle entering a new setting…

See Me: ASD & Unspoken Words:  When I struggle entering a new setting, I will accept exposure better if you can toss out skill requirements that are weak in me, like opening a drawer and quickly tossing stuff aside.  Dr. Jackie Marquette Marquette Index, LLC. Creator of the Marquette Strengths and Career Index  Research | Read More

I look at my son, and

Life, Work, and Well-Being “I look at my son, and I see adaptation. But his individual challenges must be supported. So it is mix.” Thank you. Jackie ===================================== Dr. Jackie Marquette Use CODE: EPMAG50 for 50% discount. Marquette Index, LLC. Creator of the Marquette Strengths and Career Index Research | Consultant | Speaker | 4 time veteran Read More

Want More than Autism Awareness?: 12 Actions into Acceptance

I see the community both welcoming and friendly, as well as indifferent and unsafe. As parents and caregivers, we deeply desire our teens and adults with autism have acceptance and freedom. Examples include: to have safe community access, be supported by safe people, to participate in activities they enjoy, to have their needs met, and to Read More

Three Harmful Words We Should Stop Using About Individuals with Autism

Many of us are in roles of providing caregiving, daily living support, community assistance, on-the-job training, or teaching in educational settings to individuals with autism or disabilities. I found three words that are harmful that we should stop using. We often use these words when describing the individual to other people involved, such as, when talking about Read More

The Most Important Question to Ask about Your Capabilities

When considering what you would like to do in life, ask the right question to guide you. Don’t ask, 1) “How capable are you?” about (a subject)______. Rather, ask, 2) “How are you capable?” The first question,  “How capable are you?”  emphasizes comparison of your current skills to others, presents your ability or a specific score Read More

Two Harmful Perceptions About Autism We Must Change

Many people toss around labels to describe capabilities of individuals with autism and other disabilities. We should avoid using such terms that place people in boxes. Labels are harmful and lead to excluding people based upon others’ beliefs about labels. Both High functioning (HF) and low functioning (LF) are two damaging labels. Why? Individuals labelled Read More