Free 5 -Day Student Coping Lesson Plan with Videos



Use my FREE digital resource contains a poster, 5 day lesson plan with poster, 3 student videos, worksheets/self-reflective questions and teacher guide.

What’s Inside:

-1 Student digital work packet Promoting Student Courage (COVID-19) If/Then Ideas to Cope, Learn, and Self-Advocate (15 pages)  (the link to free student work packet is on page 6 of pdf download )                                                                                                                                                                         

 -2 Peer tudors, Sarah and Darian walk the student through work packet. -6 Objectives

-1 Poster with Twelve Empowering Ideas

-14 Questions to Invite Students in Class Discussion

-3 Teaching videos (total 13 minutes)

-1 Worksheet, 12 numbered items to fill in the blank with their own answers

-1 Worksheet, 5 self-reflective questions to cope, find courage, and self-advocate.                                                                                                         

1- Downloadable teaching guide Power a Student’s Life with Coping Awareness Options: During pandemic or other setbacks includes: 5 day lesson plans, links to videos (for students), questions to inspire group discussions or for one-to-one discussion. The student poster and worksheets are located in the student digital packet:  Promoting Student Courage (COVID-19) If/Then Ideas to Cope, Learn, and Self-Advocate

Why teach coping skills?

With the pandemic, students have struggled and endured many losses. Some have lost a family member to COVID-19, experienced loneliness and sadness because they were disconnected from peers. Many have missed out on enrichment activities such as, music lessons, and athletic sports, etc. To fill their social and emotional unmet needs is challenging.

Now that schools are opening, many are experiencing anxiety in coming back to school. Use my free 5 day lesson plan with teacher guide to offer youth options for next steps to cope and find their own answers and power to respond on their own behalf.


Given this activity packet, the students will:

1) read to understand vocabulary definitions: cope, courage, and self-advocate

2) read the twelve guiding viewpoints about coping options when faced with chaotic or difficult situations.

3) be invited to share in class discussions.

4) watch short teaching videos based upon the twelve guiding viewpoints.

5) take action on one coping option.

6) read and write answers to self-reflective questions that focus on coping, finding courage, and being their own best advocate.

Grade Levels

7th – 12th, Homeschool


Specialty, Coping Skills, Special Education, School Counseling


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Resource Type:

Lesson Plan, Poster, Videos, Worksheets, 

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Author – writing about emotional literacy relating to youth self-advocacy, career

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