How to Become Remarkably Able: You’re Going to Like This

R Take positive risks to learn or try something new, even when failure is possible.

E Set goals and explore opportunities to reach them.

M Seek and find a mentor to guide and give you positive feedback.

A Participate in activities that have meaning and purpose (e.g., volunteer in clubs, church).

R Resist thoughts of failure and instead think “Yes, I can.”

K Keep on walking your path, each day initiate at least one small action toward your goal.

A Appreciate and celebrate all successes, small and large.

B Set boundaries and let go of people or things that leave you feeling bad.

L Listen to your heart (the voice inside that encourages you).Listen to suggestions offered by people who care about you.

Y Seek organized programs for youth or community members where you can contribute to a cause that makes you feel accepted and good about yourself.

A Affirm your choice to give your best effort and express the real you.

B Believe you can move past a difficult experience and accept help from someone else.

L Live on purpose and know you can have a life where you are accepted and your gifts and strengths are valuable to others.

E Expect to fail; it happens to everyone sooner or later. Just get up, start again, and ease into your next try.

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