Seven Things to Know that May Greatly Impact Employment Direction: ASD or Disability

A gift — something a person is born with. It’s something that comes as easily as breathing.

A talent — a gift the individual has pursued, developed, and refined.

3. A skill — something one learns to do. It may draw upon a person’s gifts.

4. An interest — something that draws one’s attention.

5. An experience — an emotional or mental perception that a person has or something physical that h/she has done (the work of Gillman).

6. Strengths — usually more voluntary than gifts and talents. Possessing a strength involves choices about when to use it and whether to keep building upon it. For example, telling the cashier that he undercharged you $5.00 is personal strength and a decision to apply it. Thus, strengths can be built upon with time and effort (the work of Seligman).

Value — something of substance and/or merit; has a connection with a person’s strengths.

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