Ten Positive Effects When Expressing your True Self Expression, your True Self

Self expression of your best strengths or talents can be powerful to your well being. Some examples may include: producing art, composing music, building something useful or beautiful. Here are ten possible effects.

1. Be as powerful as therapy, holistic supplements, or exercise.

2. Become the fuel that launches you into joy, delight, and purpose.

3. Be the medicine that heals or lessens the challenges of a disability.

4. Connect a person to associations and friendships because that is what sharing your gift does.

5. Take you to new heights and purpose while affirming value to the world.

6. Produce positive outcomes in others, such as enjoyment or a lift in mood.

7. Be empowering  and give hope to others to move through their challenges.

8. Reveal the essence of a your personality and purpose during the act expressing yourself.

9. When offering your gift to the world, the focus is shifted away from any societal labels of disability.

10. When people notice the person’s gift, they are noticing one’s unique awesome talents or strengths, not the limitations, challenges, or the disability.

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