8 Essential Beliefs to Increase Emotional Adaptability Capability In Individuals with Autism

51jqnsWruWLAre you facing any issues or concerns for an individual you know who has autism or other disability? Is he or she having difficulty adapting emotionally? Having these beliefs can help. I believe.

1. Each individual is unique and can develop to his or her fullest potential.

2. Every individual has a viable gift, strength, and/or interest that may only need uncovering to blossom.

3. ‘Supports’ or ‘accommodations’ are necessary in order an individual has the opportunity to explore and identify strengths. These have the potential to open up his interest and self emotional awareness and interests.

4. Many individuals rely upon indirect support and guidance by a mentor, a trusted friend or family member for finding employment or pursuing college. Establish these supports.

5. Individuals with diverse levels of capability can benefit from the ideas and activities to become more capable in all areas of living. Labels such as “high functioning” and “low functioning” are not the criteria to determine if the model is applicable. Labels serve no purpose here.Walking the Path can help guide all individuals regardless of the disability severity.

6. Interdependence –We live in a very interdependent world where all of us can offer something valuable. Living interdependently is the expression of being mutually dependent upon each other. While having supports are necessary, interdependence means never going it alone.

7. Learning and growing never ends. Making progress in skill development and personal growth during adulthood is a not a myth, and can be a reality. Indeed, emotional adaptive growth can occur  throughout adulthood.

8. Youth and adults see in themselves what we see in them. Each has the most basic right to enjoy continued growth, find happiness, and contribute something positive to the world. In other words, an individual may see how capable he can become through our eyes. My highest vision is that an individual with any disability can deeply feel or say, “I belong; I matter; I am accepted.”

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Dr. Jackie Marquette


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