Eleven Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Exploring a Career


1. Is there something that would get me excited about each new day? If so, what would it be?

2. What do I do well? Or what could I do well if I had time to practice and learn?

3. What are interests?

4. Do I have a passion?  If so, what is my passion.

5. If I could wipe away all my fears and anxiety about my future, what dreams would I pursue?

6. If I could only do one thing in my life, what would that be?

7. When I lose track of time when I am involved in an activity or interest, what is that interest?

8. Do I love the challenge of figuring out the solution to a problem? If so, write an example.

9. Am I curious about something specific? If so, what?

10. When I have a choice between something to learn or being entertained, how often do I choose the learning experience?

11. How often do I choose the entertaining experience?

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