Three Levels to Vocational Discovery for Those with Autism who Rely on Supports

Before starting the process of identifying and exploring gifts and interests, look at three levels of this process.

The first level is obvious — it is apparent that the person has a gift, like a beautiful singing voice.

The second level is easy to determine as well; this is when the individual indicates and directs her attention toward a particular area of interest, such as collecting stamps. The concern here may be to decide how this interest connects her to a hobby, employment options, and other people.

The third level is the most difficult because here advocates do not notice a gift or an interest as demonstrated by the individual. This is when the actions must be proactive and tried to reach discovery outcomes.

You must stay focused on the idea that the actions to be explored are worth the effort. Be ready, imagine possibilities and open to an interesting and sometimes exciting adventure. Sometimes the outcomes are disappointment, a few insights and, most of all, a surprise. Any information can lead you to something brand new. Appreciate it all.

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