The Antidote to Ableism

Recently, I advocated for one of my clients who has autism. In this blog I withhold any names of people or settings to not reveal this individual’s identity.

Today we experienced a closed door that ended his place there for the last 3 years. This was confusing because he always enjoyed it there and felt accepted. ‘Ableism’ is dark and ugly and still lingers casting its harsh sting on  individuals with disabilities and their advocates. No matter how many times I experience it, it knocks me down. Yet, I have learned to get up and not let it overcome me.

Later in this same day, pursuing a different opportunity, we met with the management who was open, accepting, willing to work with the individual, and promised they would not give up on him. ‘Acceptance’ shined its glory light.

I will never take for granted ‘acceptance’, what it feels like and the  promises it holds for individuals with autism.

Dr. Jackie Marquette

Consultant, Speaker, & Author

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