Today at 1- I will be a guest on Dr Andy McCabe’s radio talk show.

andrew_mccabeToday at 1 I will be a guest on Dr Andy McCabe’s radio talk show.

I will talk about creating individualized career options for those who don’t fit within the typical boxes of finding and having work. Points include:

How to identify what you are good at doing and what draws your attention.

Two added important areas that are often avoided have relevance to getting and keeping work. I will be talking about these too.

The individuals who might be interested in this discussion:

-are interested in knowing their strengths and possible career paths.

-are unclear about a career path.

-lack confidence.

-struggle with social anxiety.

-feel they don’t fit into a logical progression of study for a career, but have specific talent to develop and use.

-view themselves in a category of Neurodiversity or High Functioning or a diagnosed disability.

-has an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

-is in Other Health Impairments (OHI) category.


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