A Better Understanding of Autism Attributes

Individuals with challenges including autism have attributes that are positive and needed. But to the business world their challenges often appear to great. Self employment options have worked well for some who have found their niche using their strengths. Part of the reason to learn more about autism and other mental health impairments is not Read More

How to get out of a rut and start pursuing your interests

An interest is something that draws your attention. Pay attention to what you are attracted to. Then take action toward participating in your interest. For example, if you enjoy a particular kind of music and you can sing and play an instrument, explore ways to pursue your musical interests. You can start practicing in the privacy Read More

How Your Skills Relate to your Gifts

A skill is something you learn to do. It may draw upon a person’s gifts. For example if you learned to keep a checkbook, you may have a mathematical gift. A bookkeeper or accountant are careers that could relate well to your skill and gift. Dr. Jackie Marquette www.marquettestrengthsindex.com (use discount code: Index50) To receive Read More

How to Turn Your Gift into A Talent

“Pursue it, chase after it, develop it, then refine it and never give up.” Dr. Jackie Marquette www.marquettestrengthsindex.com (use discount code: Index50) To receive daily posts and live chats visit: https://www.facebook.com/MarquetteStrengthIndex/ @JacqueMarquette  

8 Essential Beliefs to Increase Emotional Adaptability Capability In Individuals with Autism

Are you facing any issues or concerns for an individual you know who has autism or other disability? Is he or she having difficulty adapting emotionally? Having these beliefs can help. I believe. 1. Each individual is unique and can develop to his or her fullest potential. 2. Every individual has a viable gift, strength, and/or Read More

The Glow of Others’ Acceptance of my Autistic Son is Worth More to Me Than Money

The glow of someone who is warm and accepting of my autistic son is worth more to me than money. It happened yesterday at a new gym, finding Trent an awesome training coach, among the supporting staff, and in the right environment. It was their openness and their desire to make Trent feel he has Read More

If your work career life isn’t going well, ask yourself these 4 questions

Do I know all my strengths? How am I using my strengths now? How do my strengths apply to a career right for me? What careers, job, or self employment is right for me? Dr. Jackie Marquette www.marquettestrengthsindex.com (use discount code: Index50) To receive daily posts and live chats visit: https://www.facebook.com/MarquetteStrengthIndex/  

Be Who Your Are: 3 Actions to a Good Job Fit

Ask yourself these questions. Do you feel frustrated, trapped, or dissatisfied with your job? Are you are currently earning a college degree and looking for a part time job, or in the middle of transition from high school and will be looking for work soon? Are you coming out of a crisis situation and seeking Read More

The Future is Now: 10 Broad Actions to Support Every Individual with Autism

Many individuals with autism and other disabilities struggle with challenges to access the community safely, have a job, or to pursue college studies. The hard truth is, it is up to all of us to work together to change the current outcomes from under or unemployment, languishing at home, or suffering from health issues that include Read More